Solid Tine Aeration

As a grass specialist we know that the benefits of lawn aeration are many and it is recommended that the process be repeated more than once a year, particularly in areas where there are heavy concentrations of clay soil. As part of our treatment programme Stripes Lawn Care carry out solid tine aeration during November and February. Customers have the choice of either having their lawn aerated in autumn or winter, or both.

Solid Tine Aeration has the following benefits

  • Relieve surface compaction
  • Encourage new root growth
  • Increase rooting depth
  • Improve nutrient and moisture uptake
  • Reduce the build up of thatch below the surface
  • Improve drainage
  • Replace stale Carbon Dioxide with fresh Oxygen rich air into the soil
  • Lawns are left with minimal disruption and mess
  • No unsightly cores left on lawn

Following Aeration November the benefits will become noticeable and with a repeat of the process in February your lawn will be entering the spring period in excellent condition.

Hollow Core Aeration

Hollow Core Aeration thins out the layer of thatch which lies on the surface of the soil and breaks up sub-surface thatch. This enables moisture, nutrients, oxygen and fertliser to reach the root zone of the turf which will accelerate the improvement in the lawn. Also roots are pruned encouraging new growth and improving the root system.

Hollow Core Aeration is also very effective at breaking up compacted and clay type soils which will improve surface drainage and problems associated with surface water.

We also use Hollow Core Aeration during our Lawn Renovations, prior to applying top dressing.

Lawn Scarification

For a lawn care program to be effective it is vital that the thatch layer that builds up on your lawn is removed to enable moisture, nutrients and fertilises to reach the root zone and enable your lawn to thrive. We remove this layer of thatch by using a mechanical process called scarification.

On a well maintained lawn scarification needs to be carried out annually . For our existing customers Stripes Lawn Care carry out scarification during the autumn period September through to October while the grass is still growing, this ensures that your lawn will recover by the time winter arrives. For new customers starting a treatment program  we will also carry out scarification during the spring, again this ensures a speedy recovery for the lawn as the process is carried out early in the growing season.

Please be aware there are lawn care companies that scarify during the winter months outside the growing season, lawns scarified at this time will remain unsightly and will not recover until the spring. Grass Specialist Stripes Lawn Care will only Scarify lawns during the growing season.  

Following scarification we will bag up the thatch that is removed from your lawn and leave it for you to dispose of or compost. Alternatively the waste can be removed and taken to a Green Waste Recycling Plant where it is turned into 100 % Recycled Compost, however dependent on quantity and distance involved there may be an additional cost.


Scarifying Large Lawns

Latest addition to Stripes Lawn Care’s equipment portfolio, an Amazone Profihopper. the only machine that will cut, scarify and collect in one pass.

The self-propelled Profihopper for mowing and scarifying is equipped with 1.25 m rotor which is attached as a mowing scarifying unit at the front of the machine. Thanks to its unique collecting and compacting system the Profihopper is superbly suitable for the dust-free collection of grass and the debris from scarifying in one pass in nearly all mowing conditions. In one process the material is cut, collected and transported to the hopper.



Lawn Renovation

If you think your lawn is beyond repair and you have more weeds and moss than grass, Stripes Lawn Care can carry out a part or full lawn renovation, resulting in a healthy green lawn. Renovation can be carried out anytime during the growing season

Step 1

Stripes Lawn Care will firstly apply a selective herbicide to kill off unwanted weeds, and if required combine this with an application of moss treatment.

Step 2

The next stage will be to intensely scarify the lawn, usually in two to three different directions and clear all debris.

Step 3

We will then aerate the lawn, over seed with a quality grass seed and apply a pre-seeder granular fertiliser.

Step 4  

Apply a high quality, sand based, lawn top dressing, which will help to enhance the lawn’s appearance. It will also help stimulate new grass growth, create a level surface, improve drainage and control the build up of thatch.

At around two weeks you should start to see the seed germinating and the first signs of your new lawn. As part of your treatment programme we will apply another fertiliser treatment 10 weeks later to ensure your lawn stays healthy and we keep to our word by “Transforming Your Lawn”

Commercial Lawn Treatments Services

Stripes Lawn Care have been providing lawn treatments services for both commercial and domestic customers in South East Wales for over 10 years and have become a trusted name in commercial lawn care services.

Your business exterior provides your customers with their first impression of your company, so it is important to make sure that your lawns are maintained in order to keep your business front attractive and appealing to customers.

A beautiful lawn does not happen by itself. Keeping commercial lawns looking their best throughout the year requires a combination of knowledge, experience, quality materials and equipment.

Stripes Lawn Care have developed and offers a proven annual lawn treatment programme that will transform your lawns and enhance the exterior of your building.

If you would like to see lush green weed free lawns surrounding your premises then please contact us to arrange a free visit and quotation.

Sports Pitch Maintenance and Paddock Spraying

Stripes Amenity Services provide a comprehensive range of services to sports clubs and organisations. By using a Stripes Amenity Services sports pitch maintenance and treatment programme your club could be playing on beautiful weed free lush green playing surfaces throughout the season.

As an independent company Stripes Amenity Services sources and uses what we believe are the best products the market has to offer and our commitment to our customers is that we will continue to do this in order to continually improve our service.

Our staff are City and Guilds trained in sports pitch management and have NPTC certification in the Safe use of Pesticides, we are also members of the Institute of Groundsmanship.

Our services include:


  • Fertiliser Application
  • Moss Weed & Disease Control
  • Aeration
  • Scarification
  • Top Dressing
  • Overseeding
  • End of Season Renovation


  • Fertiliser Application
  • Moss Weed & Disease Control
  • Aeration
  • Scarification
  • Top Dressing
  • Overseeding
  • End of Season Renovation

Equestrian / Paddock Spraying and Maintenance

  • Moss Weed & Disease Control
  • Fertiliser Application
  • Overseeding

Rugby & Football

  • Fertiliser Application
  • Moss Weed & Disease Control
  • Overseeding

If you are concerned and would like to see an improvement in the appearance of your sports turf then call Stripes Amenity Services and we will provide a free quotation for you. Call now on 01495 339417 or 07970 508674.