How do I get started with Stripes Lawn Care?2017-01-22T11:39:42+00:00

Call Stripes Lawn Care for a Free Lawn Analysis. When we visit your home, we’ll give your lawn a thorough check-up including:

  • Take a small sample of turf for analysis
  • Analyse a soil core sample
  • Identifying weed types
  • Diagnosis of compaction, thatch and moss levels
  • Measurement of your lawn
How much will it cost?2017-01-22T11:38:36+00:00

Stripes Lawn Care treatments provide a quality of service that is cheaper than the DIY equivalent. Prices start from just £15.00. We will quote according to the size of your lawn with a cost per square metre for each treatment. However costs will depend on the size and requirements of your lawn.

Will any weed or pest control products harm my plants or trees?2017-01-22T11:37:49+00:00

No, not when used correctly and you can be assured Stripes Lawn Care staff are NPTC accredited in the safe use of pesticides and are fully insured.

Will weed or pest control products harm myself my pets or my children?2017-01-22T11:36:13+00:00

No, but we suggest you keep your children and pets off your lawn until the treatment has dried; this is of course dependent up on weather conditions. If you have pets that eat grass and weeds, we suggest that you section off an area and we will not treat it, or avoid the area all together.

Are your operators qualified in lawn care?2017-01-22T11:34:33+00:00

Stripes Lawn Care staff are trained in turf management and City & Guilds and NPTC accredited.

How long will I have to wait before I can cut my lawn after a treatment?2017-01-22T11:33:46+00:00

2 To 3 days, to allow the weed killers to work and avoid your mower picking up fertiliser.

Do I have to wait in or be home every time you call to apply a treatment?2017-01-22T11:34:55+00:00

No, all we need is access to your lawns so remember to leave any garden gates unlocked on the day we are going to call.

How can I pay?2017-01-22T11:35:05+00:00

We offer a pay as you go system, and you can remit with a cheque in the post, or by BACS transfer and very shortly via the website with a valid credit card.

Do I have to sign a contract?2017-01-22T11:35:23+00:00

No, we will continue with our service as long as required.

Why can’t I get the same results?2017-01-22T11:30:15+00:00

We have expertise, experience and source and use what we believe are the best products the market has to offer, in addition we use products that are only available to professionals.

What if it rains?2017-01-22T11:29:49+00:00

This will present no problem with the fertiliser and our herbicides are shower proof, for piece of mind just check the weeds after a week and check their colour, if they are turning brown the treatment has worked.

Does Stripes Lawn Care Fertiliser need watering in?2017-01-22T11:29:43+00:00

No, the great thing about Stripes Lawn Care fertiliser is that it is released by means of hydrolysis and soil microbial activity. This means that it is not solely dependent on either soil moisture or temperature for its ideal release pattern.

When will my grass go green?2017-01-22T11:29:38+00:00

The range of fertilisers used by Stripes Lawn Care are granular slow controlled release which work up to a 12 week period. There is also an element of quick release nitrogen, so normally you should see an improvement within a week.

Can you treat moss?2017-01-22T11:27:13+00:00

A Stripes Lawn Care treatment program is designed to address any moss problem throughout the season.

What if I already have a gardener?2017-01-22T11:35:35+00:00

That’s fine a lot of our customers do, but we only enhance the work your gardener does.

I think my lawn may be beyond repair what should I do?2017-01-22T11:00:41+00:00

Stripes Lawn Care can help any lawn in any condition, call for a free analysis.

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